What is it?

Scalp micro pigmentation, is colour that is tattooed into the skin, creating a look that does not wash off.  It is a revolutionary method of inserting pigment into the dermal layer of the skin in order to enhance facial features or your scalp, giving the illusion of stubble or a more dense hair line.

It can be used for alopecia clients, male and female pattern baldness, and crown balding, thinning of hair, strip and FUA scars post reconstruction surgery, general scars and also it can be used to recreate eyebrows and eyelashes on men and women with all skin tones.

A replicated scalp can help with self-esteem and stops men from hiding their hair loss under a cap.

Helen offers several different types of micro-pigmentation for both male and female clients, depending upon the hair style and extent of hair loss.

Who does it?

Helen Porter is a world renowned specialist in micro-pigmentation / cosmetic and medical tattooing. Helens passion and creative eye has lead her onto the field of medical and cosmetic tattooing, working alongside plastic surgeons, dermatologist and US leading scalp tattooist to create a unique technique that can give the illusion of hair without the trauma of having to going under the knife.

For men who are considering hair transplantation but may not have enough donor hair, micro pigmentation is a great alternative, yet not to mention fashionable and creates a ‘buzz cut look’ that many celebrities or males have naturally.

Helen’s kind heart and understanding helps patients who suffer from alopecia, to injuries and burns or disguising surgery scars.

How is it done?

First we would invite you in for a free consultation to discuss your requirements and treatment plan, if you decide to go ahead with the treatment we would do a small test patch, this ensures we get the tone of colour and density of pigments just right and also allows you to see the affect that we will be able to achieve before committing to a full head. The first treatment we have you in for two to six hours depending on the area to be treated, we will use a marker to design the shape of the hairline and sideburns to suit your requirements, and we can create various affects be it soft and reseeding for a natural look or a more defined fashion based look. We ask you to shave your hair to the length that you will be wearing it prior to your treatment if having the stubble effect.

Two weeks later you would come for your second full sitting which would be another two to four hours then on your third sitting the finishing touches are added.

Although this is a permanent procedure due to the exposure to UV the colour will gradually fade. It is recommended that after approx. 5 years that another treatment may be undertaken to refresh the effects.
Using a cluster of 3 fine needles pigment is implanted into the scalp giving the illusion of stubble or for clients with longer hair, long strands are tattooed to add density to thinning hair.