Brows on Fleek



Eyebrows…the newest craze to dominate the world of beauty, and not just for the young but for all ages both MALE and FEMALE

Are they really that important??? The answer is yes

If eyes are the windows to your soul then it goes without saying that eyebrows are the frames

Mornings can be an emotional and stressful time for many people. Minutes can turn into an hour just trying to apply pencil, they say brows are supposed to be sisters and not twins but at the very least they need to look like they resembles friends.

The beauty industry has a solution semi-permanent make up (also known as permanent make up/cosmetic tattooing and micro pigmentation) the process uses tiny needles to implant a very safe medical grade pigment just under the surface of the skin. It can be applied in tiny lines to look like real hairs for a very natural result or it can be applied in a soft shading to give the effect that powder or pencil would give you. It can last anywhere from 6 months up to several years depending on the clients skin type, the intensity and depth of colour used and the way the client looks after them at home.

The procedure
First the artist will pencil on a brow design using measurements specific to your face to create an eyebrow that compliments your features, being mindful of your personality type and how soft and subtle or bold and dramatic you require the look to be, a colour will then be chosen to suit your skin tones and hair colour.

Once you are both happy with the design and colour the artist will being the treatment.

The finished look will appear a little bold and a bit too perfect to start with, but after 4/5 days the skin will gently shed and what is left is a soft subtle enhancement that people will never believe to be a tattoo. After 4/6 weeks you are required to go back for a check-up, during this treatment you can add more colour or a little more thickness or just revisit any little patches that may have come away, this session is needed to perfect and complete the procedure.

On average the effects will last around a year, at this point you can choose to let them fade away or you can revamp them and maintain the look for another year and so on.

Just like any trade out there you will come across great artists and cowboys, when undergoing any treatment like this it is vital that you do your research first. Ask to see photos of their work, if possible see someone who has been treated by them already. Every artist will have a different style so you need to find someone whose style compliments the look you wish to achieve.

Helen Porter offers a bespoke service for all of her customers. With over 13 years in the tattoo industry and 20 years in the beauty field she is top of her game, Helen’s Canterbury Salon Boasts a team of highly trained artists that work alongside her offering cosmetic medical and traditional tattoo treatments to the public.

She offers free consultations for anyone interested in having the procedure done.

Other treatments available include lip liner and full lip colour, eyeliner, nipple tattooing, scalp tattooing and scar camouflage


We have made the decision to close due to COVID-19🦠 We feel here at Helen Porter Advanced Cosmetics that this is the best thing to do in the interest of the health & safety of our clients and staff.

We will cancelling clients appointments week by week so you may receive a phone call from us. If you do have an appointment cancelled you will not lose your deposit, it will roll on over to when we get booked back in and you will be put on the cancellation list so that as soon as we know what is going on we will call you to get you booked back in.

If you do have any concerns please do not hesitate to call us on 01227 764633

We hope you all stay safe and healthy.